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Guillaume Grando (alias SupaKitch) is a French multidisciplinary artist with international influence. Born in the Parisian suburbs in 1978, he started graffiti at a very young age. This graphic approach will mark all of his work until his last work. Navigating landscapes between city and sea, the artist crosses the influences of an adolescence punctuated […]


Laurent Masurel is an aquatic man who became a photographer. Three times vice-champion of France in bodysurfing and 4th in the Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest in 1998, he has been photographing waves for more than 35 years and he has transformed this double passion for image and bodysurfing into a profession more than 20 years ago. […]


David Michel has been a journalist at L'Equipe since 2000. He is the surf specialist in the editorial staff and, several times a year, he reports to cover the most beautiful competitions, such as at Teahupoo, Pipeline, Jaws, Nazaré. In 2018, he wrote a book aimed at novices ("Take the wave", Ed. Solar) and he […]


Based in Anglet, Elisa Routa has been working as a freelance journalist and writer for the last 15 years. Fascinated by the notion of movement, whether on the ocean, in her van o r riding her bike, Elisa is known for bringing her notebooks and analog camera across the world. She’s been documenting the universe […]


Bertrand Gardini was born in 1969, lives in Toulouse and shares his time with Hossegor, a world famous surf town. Surgeon, start upper, sports enthusiast, Bertrand in many hats. He calls himself a "bad" surfer, but what he likes is the feeling of riding. He is the President of the NGO "Entender le Monde", which […]


Passionate skier and lover of board and ocean, Jacques Fagalde started surfing at the age of 16, first at the Côte des Basques and then at the Petite Chambre d'Amour d 'Anglet where he became the first regular rider. With a group of Bayonnais who also tried their hand at surfing on this beach, he […]


Jean-Sébastien is a former French professional surfer who grew up in Guadeloupe in the West Indies before settling in the southwest of France.He continued competitions until the age of 22 and obtained the titles of Junior French and European Champion in 2004 as well as Senior French Champion in 2008. After a few years on […]


Koralie, is a contemporary artist. Originally from a small village in the “petite Camargue”, Koralie studied architecture in Montpellier (1995-2001), in parallel she began to exhibit, and discovered graffiti, a revelation which pushed her to paint on city walls since 1999. She becomes one of the first French woman to express herself illegally in situ. […]


Tiago Pires, also known by the nickname "Saca", is a recently retired Portuguese professional surfer. He was the first Portuguese male surfer to qualify for the WSL Elite Tour. Pires was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1980. He started surfing at the age of 9, winning the National Under-14 Championship in 1994 and the Under-16 […]