Erwann Lameignere

Journalist and publisher, Erwann Lameignère is the publisher of Hotdogger, the magazine of the art of surfing. A film critic in his early days, author and translator of books on cinema, he has directed short fiction films and contemporary art documentaries. He is also the co-founder of the think tank Droit et Surf. ©Boris Romann

Hervé Lacastaigneratte

A native of the Basque Country, he has always had an inconsiderate love for surfing. After having traveled the waves all over the world, and immersed in the surf culture, he made it his job through his two companies: SURFlounge and Greenbush.

Hervé Manificat

Hervé MANIFICAT had a career as an adventurer that took him to the four corners of the world. For twelve years, he has had more time to devote himself to his passion for surfing, which he associates with his loves of reading and documentary research. An active member of the community, he is considered one […]

Nicolas Morin

A journalist with France 3 Aquitaine in Bordeaux for twenty years, he has covered numerous events on the WSL professional circuit as well as the ISA world shortboard and longboard championships. Since 2021, he has launched a monthly surf and society magazine which addresses the sporting aspect but also the environmental, economic, societal, philosophical, sociological. […]

Léa Brassy

French surfer and freediver, Léa lives her passion for the ocean with curiosity and a thirst for adventure. After years of travelling, she settled in the Landes. Advocating simplicity, Léa has adopted a lifestyle close to nature in accordance with her ecological convictions.

Marion Desquenne

Marion Desquenne is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. She began her career as an author developer for production companies. Her latest films, which she shoots in immersion, address the issue of gentrification, the place of minorities in society, the mutation of skateboarding at the dawn of the arrival of the Olympic Games. Her latest production […]

Romain Laulhé

Originally from Boucau-Tarnos but having cut his teeth in Anglet throughout his adolescence, Romain has a fine track record including 6 French champion titles, numerous victories on the WSL international circuit including a major on a 4-star WQS in 2008. His frenetic pace of life has allowed him to go on adventures to the four […]

Mathieu Lefin

Originally from Pau and passionate about Surfing and Rugby from an early age, he joined Rip Curl in 2009 and held several positions at European and global level in the areas of finance, operations and retail before joining to be named President of Rip Curl Europe in April 2019. Prior to joining Rip Curl, Mathieu […]