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JULY 2023





Best Film: African Territory / Julian & Joaquin Azulay
Best Short Movie: Springtide – un conte birman / Léopold Bélanger
Best Sound Track: Sweet Adventure / Peter Hamblin
Online Public Vote: The Perfect Storm / Gustavo Malheiros
Best Framing and Composition: Tiger Island / Igor Bellido »
Special mention: Surf, Vida, Jesus / Rocco Patella
Best Athlete: Ora / Michel Garcia Samino
Best Edit: Le Chemin / Arthur Bourbon


22h00 // 75min
Réal: Julian & Joaquin Azulay
Prod: Gauchos del Mar

A 22 months anthropological expedition in the African Continent.  Two brothers travel in a 1985 former military ambulance from Spain to South Africa. The aim is to encourage horizontal human relationships through an unprecedented surf exploration and exchange of cultures in this diverse and endless continent. The scars left by colonies, civil wars and contemporary social inequality, political instability and exploitation of resources make the continent one of the most intense in the world.
 From now on, Africa will set the rules.


22h00 // 84min
Réal: Gustavo Malheiros
Prod: Arte Ensaio Filmes

The film started in 2014, with the photos that are present in the audiovisual work that brings together records from different cities, countries and continents. It was inspired by the first WCT world championship won by a Brazilian, Gabriel Medina, won at Pipeline. Gustavo recorded images and testimonials in seasons in Hawaii, California, Australia, Rio de Janeiro, France, South Africa and Portugal.


19h00 // 72min
Réal:  Łukasz Ratuski
Prod: Łukasz Ratuski & Grzegorz Wyrębiak-Warabida

The Baltic: cold, dismal, not a place you’d associate with surfing. Waves only form there for a couple of weeks a year. Even though they live 500 km from the sea, Paweł and Artur make sure to be in the water during those days. But not everything goes according to plan. They spend a few years seeking their dream wave. Is it even possible to catch it? And is it only about surfing for the two of them? A captivating story about chasing dreams, friendship, waiting, determination and overcoming barriers, it is the director’s debut feature-length film


18h10 //75mn
Réal: Rocco Patella
Prod: A Small Company LTD

Paracuru is a small fishing town surrounded by majestic sand dunes, about 60 miles from Fortaleza, the capital of Cearà, one of the poorest states in Brazil. Life in Paracuru is punctuated by the tides, the swaying hammocks and the wind, which blows with relentless force for more than six months of the year. The sun rises every morning at 6 a.m. and sets at 6 p.m., every day, all year round.

No one is as reliable as the sun in Paracuru. There, an army of children and teenagers, mostly from extreme poverty, wait for five long months for the rainy season. It starts in December and ends in May. With the rain, the wind dies down and the waves come in. The heroes of these children are the Brazilian surfing champions: they train to become one of them. They dream of improving their lives, helping their families economically and getting out of their condition of being invisible among the invisible.



IT’S ON 4 (Polynésia)
19h00 // 56’21min
Réal: Heiarii Billard et Karim Mahdjouba
Prod: KHM Media

This surf movie tells the story of the historic surf day on Friday 13 August 2021 in Teahupo’o. On Friday 13 August 2021, in French Polynesia, « It’s On! » echoed in the streets and was posted on all social networks. Because a never before seen swell was expected that day on the mythical and feared spot of Teahupo’o, at the southern end of the island of Tahiti, where the road ends. And the reality exceeded the wildest expectations.



  • Damien Castera

    There are 2 categories of surfers : competitors and free surfers. After having been part of the first category for a long time, Damien Castera has hung up his lycra for good. Now, he’s traveling the world: Alaska, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Norway, to discover waves and to reconcile surfing with the spirit of adventure. In parallel to his expeditions, writing and making documentary films become a way to testify of this passionate encounter with the world. Since 2014, he has directed 8 films awarded with numerous prizes at adventure film festivals. Damien is now a member of the Society of French Explorers.
    Jury President
  • Coline Menard

    Born in 1988 in La Rochelle, France, Coline Menard was introduced to longboarding by her father around the age of 6 on the famous surf spot of Lizay, Ré Island. After a move to Reunion Island that allowed her to improve in this discipline, she quickly rose on the podium (3rd at her first French Championships, European Champion in 2008) until becoming Runner up World Champion in 2009, in Biarritz during the Roxy Jam. A bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Réunion Island and an English degree from Noosa Head in Australia, Coline continues her studies in Optics in parallel with her passion. Today, the mum of a 2-year-old surfer, has just returned from a 6-month family trip where they criss-crossed Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Morocco. Currently president of the Bande de Surfeuses association, you will find her most of the time on the surf spots of the Landes, France, with her friends!
  • Pierre André Belin

    Pierre André Belin is not a great surfer but rather a passionate surfer from an early age. After having tried surfing several times on the waves of Mundaka, Ericera or Gethary, he decided to put his board away to admire the waves from the beach. Pierre-André is a film producer with the Baton Rouge company.
  • Elisabeth Pepin Silva

    Elizabeth Pepin Silva is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and surfer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and currently splitting her time between California and France. For more than 25 years she has been making films independently and for public television and has won five Emmy Awards and several film festival awards for her work. Her numerous projects include “La Maestra,” "Coastal Clash," and "One Winter Story." Recent Archival Producing / Research credits include“Nuclear Family,” “Allen v. Farrow” & “The Lady & The Dale” for HBO and “The One and Only Dick Gregory” for Showtime. Elizabeth taught herself photography in her teens. Once she had her degree in journalism from San Francisco State University, she began to take her writing and photography more seriously. Dismayed by the way women surfers were portrayed in the mainstream surf media at the time, she began taking her camera to the beach, starting her “WaterWomen” surf photo project in 1996. One of the first women surf photographers to concentrate on women's surfing, Elizabeth’s unique and realistic images of women surfers, shot with both water housings and long lenses, soon began appearing in museums and galleries, and in newspapers, magazines and books around the world. Her first book as an author, Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era was published in 2006 and is now in its fourth edition. Elizabeth is constantly fascinated by water and the people who are attracted to it, which is reflected in her films and photographs. The ever-changing light and mood of the water, the unique connection people have to the ocean, the challenges of shooting in such environments; she could film and photograph near water every day for the rest of her life and be very happy.
  • Alain Marhic

    A sports enthusiast and a father of four, Alain Marhic is a man who has cultivated his passions founding 2 windsurfing academies in Brittany during the early 1990's as well as having had a successful modeling career. He joined the Quiksilver group in 1999 working at their world headquarters Cote Basque, near Biarritz. Eventually assuming the position of Director of Operations for the eyewear and watch divisions. With a vast business experience as well as an eye for design, fashion, and product development, Alain developed an acute sense of brand management working for a global giant in the action sports industry. In 2008, he made the audacious decision to leave everything behind. Driven by his passion for product he started the March LA.B odyssey. He is its founder and CEO.
  • Victoria Vergara

    French-born, Victoria Vergara, grew up between New Caledonia and Reunion island. Victoria learned how to swim before she learned how to walk. She is a professional surfer and a model travelling the world to discover new waves, surf in invitational contests or to the biggest cities for the fashion world. Victoria started surfing professionally at the age of 17, ranked in the top 9th of the world. She makes her modeling debut at 14 years old, her portofolio expands with campaigns for Vogue, Numero magazine, Dior, Missoni, Moncler.. She is today a global ambassador for the ultimate surf company : Ripcurl, and work along side the team on design projects aswell.
  • Bernard Testemale

    Bernard Testemale was born in 1958 in the small town of Soustons on the Southwestern coastline of France. A keen surfer from a young age, Bernard Testemale has been fascinated by photography after receiving his first camera in his early teens.. A regular contributor to various surf and travel magazines, Bernard Testemale has become a worldwide renowned reference in surf photography in the past decades. Recently he explore the univers of wet place collodion process. A complex photographic process dating to the mid-19th century. This is a sort of return to the past,” explain B Testemale, “Collodion takes us back to the origins of photography.”
  • Marynn Letemplier

    Marynn has an ace up her sleeve for light and shadow, rendering silent artifacts into delicate bodies and delicate bodies into silent artifacts. A student of realism she can bring real life to the calm surface of her papers. Her creations becomes extensions of her self, she often uses symbolism to describe a state of mind or emotions. Sometimes what’s you see is more eloquent then whats you say and silent makes room for grace.



This year we are hosting the Sportjam Surftest in France!
From July 7 to 10 from 11AM to 8PM during the Surfilm Festival on the beach at Anglet.
Free trials of surfboards and accessories.

Booking: https://sportjam.com


The festival takes place right on the beaches of the Chambre d’Amour, with 3 projection sites, open-air screenings, surfing, movies, art and concerts – all entirely free and open to the public. From Friday 7th to Monday 10th July 2023, The International Surf Film Festival in Anglet will celebrate it’s 19th anniversary. During four days, Anglet will be home to one of surfing’s major cultural film events, gathering both amateurs and professionals around this year’s best cinematographic achievements. Since its creation in 2004, close to 200 films have been shown during the festival, offering each year an international overview of the best pictures from the surfing world. An international jury composed of members from the surfing world and the media will select 7 winners during the closing night’s awards ceremony.


The International Surf Film Festival has built itself upon a strong goal: give recognition to the artistic merit of surf films and enable a wider audience to discover them. With an ever growing creativity in film-making from directors around the globe and the evident lack of exposure given to these types of films in the past within Europe, the ‘surf film’ deserved a fitting cultural and artistic event in its own right. In 17 years, the festival has progressively imposed itself as such.
The quality and diversity of the films showcased each year, proposing a rich variety of images and stories from the world of surfing, have made it an unmissable key event in the season. Presented by Bruno Delaye Production and the city of Anglet, the festival is entirely free and open to the public – allowing for a moment of exchange and fun for everyone.


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We would like to reduce the environmental impact of our festival as best we can. Several transport options have been put in place to enable you to access the festival; by bus, train, car pooling or by bike if you can. These options will also help you to avoid potential parking and traffic issues during the busy summer month of July!
Accessibility: adapted parking spaces are available in the public parking areas next to the festival, including an easy access to the festival venue.



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