Marynn Letemplier

Marynn has an ace up her sleeve for light and shadow, rendering silent artifacts into delicate bodies and delicate bodies into silent artifacts. A student of realism she can bring real life to the calm surface of her papers. Her creations becomes extensions of her self, she often uses symbolism to describe a state of […]

Bernard Testemale

Bernard Testemale was born in 1958 in the small town of Soustons on the Southwestern coastline of France. A keen surfer from a young age, Bernard Testemale has been fascinated by photography after receiving his first camera in his early teens.. A regular contributor to various surf and travel magazines, Bernard Testemale has become a […]

Victoria Vergara

French-born, Victoria Vergara, grew up between New Caledonia and Reunion island. Victoria learned how to swim before she learned how to walk. She is a professional surfer and a model travelling the world to discover new waves, surf in invitational contests or to the biggest cities for the fashion world. Victoria started surfing professionally at […]

Alain Marhic

A sports enthusiast and a father of four, Alain Marhic is a man who has cultivated his passions founding 2 windsurfing academies in Brittany during the early 1990's as well as having had a successful modeling career. He joined the Quiksilver group in 1999 working at their world headquarters Cote Basque, near Biarritz. Eventually assuming […]

Elisabeth Pepin Silva

Elizabeth Pepin Silva is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and surfer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and currently splitting her time between California and France. For more than 25 years she has been making films independently and for public television and has won five Emmy Awards and several film festival […]

Pierre André Belin

Pierre André Belin is not a great surfer but rather a passionate surfer from an early age. After having tried surfing several times on the waves of Mundaka, Ericera or Gethary, he decided to put his board away to admire the waves from the beach. Pierre-André is a film producer with the Baton Rouge company.

Coline Menard

Born in 1988 in La Rochelle, France, Coline Menard was introduced to longboarding by her father around the age of 6 on the famous surf spot of Lizay, Ré Island. After a move to Reunion Island that allowed her to improve in this discipline, she quickly rose on the podium (3rd at her first French […]

Damien Castera

There are 2 categories of surfers : competitors and free surfers. After having been part of the first category for a long time, Damien Castera has hung up his lycra for good. Now, he’s traveling the world: Alaska, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Norway, to discover waves and to reconcile surfing with the spirit of adventure. […]